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My Two Toms Vinyl

My Two Toms - Who we were and what we meant by it. 

One of our favourite albums. My Two Toms are Tom Cops and Tom Stubbs. They play instrumental songs for banjo, guitar and ukulele, and both live in Bristol.

With a shared interest in traditional Appalachian folk music, and from their self-restricted palette, they manage to create small masterpieces. Some songs can be lighthearted and carefree; some contain a sweeping drama. It is the acute sense of melody which is the core of the Toms' music, however; it makes their songs instantly familiar and has won them a select group of fans from around the world.

    Side A

  1. Tom-Tom the Lonely Pony
  2. Quieten
  3. Ya Ya
  4. Ballad of Karen Glenn
  5. Clementine
  6. The Silent Cinema
  7. Louden
  8. Lullaby for John

    Side B

  1. The Bounty
  2. Hootie
  3. Supermalt
  4. Lottie
  5. Finding Old Things
  6. Pumpkin
  7. George and James
  8. Chicken Fried Steak
  9. I Was at School

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