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Press | Crumbs Magazine | No.7 February 2013

Harrop + Penny

Rotary Apple Peeler



Some H&B Utensils.

New Hatchet & Bear Utensils. 
Made in Frome. 


Frome Super [Christmas] Market

Harrop + Penny at the Frome Artisan (alongside Hatchet & Bear)
via @ponymouth (and Fosse + Mendip News) 


Somerset needs a bread van.


I Wish \ Hirokazu Kore-Eda

Such a delightful film.  Check it before it leaves The Watershed


Bristol Love

Birdcage Walk, Clifton 


Product du Jour [eight]

Airam Flask

The best flask on the market. These vacuum flasks were designed for the north countries and first produced in 1934. They promise to keep a boiling fluid above 50C for at least 24 hours. We tested this theory on a recent walk along the Dart and without doubt my soup was still warm 24 hours after the liquid entered the flask. 


Product du Jour [seven]

 Balsam Fir Incense

A popular Harrop + Penny product from Maine.

The perfect winter scent. 


The List | 2013

More Swimming.  

More Coffee. 

More Print. 

More Music.


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